Lake Demopolis Summer Fishing Tips

Demopolis Lake Impounded 1954
South Alabama
Lake Level: (Varies, could be down 1- 4 feet)

Summer Fishing Lake Demopolis

Demopolis Lake. When it gets hot your fishing may suffer if you are not a river angler when fishing the old Warrior River near the town of Demopolis in south Alabama.

The small pockets and backwater flats become to hot for most bass to be comfortable with. There are some feeder creeks with current and cooler water, but the majority of the bass resort back to river banks, ledges, drop-offs and the mouths of creeks and pockets.

This can be slow, tedious fishing when the hot summer sun is bearing down. The only relief is when you catch several good sized bass from one spot.

Running and hitting several places in a day’s time will cool you off some and you may stumble on that big school of bass just waiting to be discovered.

River bends always have built up current, eddy areas and washed-in debris and some big, summertime resident bass.

Big, blown-down trees enhance these areas and fishing the deeper ends of these trees with deep-diving crankbaits is one ticket for some suspended bass during summer. Long casts and line size in the 10-15 lb test are needed to get these big lipped crankbaits down deep.

Different size lures, various models and experimenting with colors should tried, until a few bass are caught and the days preference is determined.

Near the banks of these river bends are first and secondary ledges and scattered bank debris. All homes to schools of spotted bass and some big, old river largemouth’s. Worms and lizards are good here both Texas and Carolina-rigged.

Jigs with plastic crayfish or pork trailers will usually get the bigger bass bite when worked very slowly among all the wood and rock cover.

Near the bank, among brush and around treetops, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits will be smashed, especially when cast several times to likely looking spots.

These bass don’t always hit on the first cast. At times they will be tight to cover and not move far either. Flipping this thick cover will get bass that refuse to come out and chase other lures.

River ledges and drop-offs are good places to try these same lures when bass go deep. Creek mouths hold bass that come and go each evening and morning as they feed up in the shallows.

Being on one of these holes at the right time came encounter several bass in schools and sometimes big loner largemouth’s.

Vertical jigging with spoons is a good summertime tactic for suspended bass and bass hugging the bottom near these ledges and drop-offs. Start deep and work your way shallow as you vary your depth and utilize a vertical presentation.

* Most strikes will come on the fall so keep a tight line and pay close attention.

Worms and jig combos take a lot of bass in these creek mouth drop-offs. Try different worm styles, lengths of 6-12 inches and various colors. Jigs can be adorned with different trailers and sometimes certain combos and colors get more bites.

The creeks and backwaters will hold bass but usually they are they most active at dawn, late in the day and later at night. The deeper creeks and backwaters with the most shade and weeds are best to start your search especially on cloudy days or if it rains.

Yes, they do fish at night on this long, winding river in south Alabama…but with caution. Navigation can be hazardous.

When wetting a hook after dark in these south Alabama waters, keep in mind there are creatures of the night. Snakes and wasps are everywhere and can be deadly when stumbled upon in the dark.

Aside from the critters it is very peaceful when night fishing in these far backwoods in south Alabama on the old Warrior River.

Creeks, backwater sloughs and small pockets have loads of cover to fish for some big largemouth’s. Cypress trees, weeds, blow downs, brush, stumps and laying logs, just to name a few, are all homes to bass that hide is these shallow backwaters and feed after sundown.

* Weed less lures are suggested to spend less time away from the bank retrieving hung lures.

Worms in 6-12 inch sizes are good for simulating the small snakes, that are high on the bass’s menu during the nocturnal hours.

Spinnerbaits with a single #5 or #6 Colorado blade are best for night fishing, creating more feel or vibration and better detection by both you and the bass.

Frogs and rats are especially good when slowly hopped around weeds and among all the wood cover. Insert rattles in models with hollow bodies to aid bass in homing in on these surface lures.

Buzzbaits are somewhat weed less and get vicious strikes usually at unsuspecting times. Darker colors on all of these lures help the bass to see the outline of the lure much better.

Big bass can be caught in Demopolis day or night. Late in the day, early in the morning or from midnight to dawn you can catch trophy-sized bass, but it takes a lot of effort on the anglers part.

Its all according to how much you want to fool these big old river largemouth bass, that will put up a fight and leave a lasting impression on any angler young or old.

A checklist is needed, both for the boat and for the angler, before heading out into the night. But first a few words of caution, fishing and approaching these very alert bass.

To do this with any success involves fishing hard all night and experimenting with various lures. You must at some time, concentrate on the very shallowest of water in these scenic, south Alabama, swampy backwaters.

The aforementioned periods, late in the day, from midnight to dawn and early in the morning, have all shown to be the best times for real trophy bass. This is when the bigger bass feed the most.

Some bass can be caught in traveling or stop over spots such as points, creek channel drop-offs, islands and around creek mouths.

Use stealth when approaching these calm backwaters at night, get organized and avoid any unnecessary noise or bumping around in the boat…all before you reach your intended target.

Make accurate casts. Sharpen or replace all hooks. I suggest Gamakatsu worm and treble hooks. Fish with heavy line (at least 15-25 lb test Trilene Big Game monofilament or Fluorocarbon line) and bring stout rods and reels.

Bring along a good net and a good net man. Your gonna need both! You must have running lights, a spotlight, coffee, plenty of lures and mosquito repellent.

Emergency snakebite kits are a must, flashlights, jackets, coffee, snacks, spare clothes, a jacket, rain suit and other items must all be checklist and packed before you get on this river and find out you forget these important and necessary items.

Charge your boat batteries, breakdowns in the night on this old secluded river, can leave you trolling a long way back to the dock.

All of these night fishing tips will work all summer on the Warrior River near Demopolis. When heading out to these south Alabama Warrior River backwaters let someone know when to expect you home and where you can be reached in case of an emergency.

A cell phone is suggested if you have or can borrow one. Be safe, catch a lot of fish and enjoy these quite scenic backwaters in south Alabama. There are very few places left in this world that can compare to the solitude.

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