February in Alabama – Its all about the weather! By Reed Montgomery








February in Alabama – Its All About the Weather!

Written by Reed Montgomery / Owner of Alabama’s Oldest, Professional Freshwater Guide Service / Reeds Guide Service Alabaster, Al. Website www.fishingalabama.com

Although the mid winter month of January is closing to an end, determined bass anglers (searching for those big, late winter bass), need to keep a close eye on the weather!

Often, in Alabama (especially in the northern portion of the state), it can be even colder than the months of December and January! It can be very cold for one day or for several days, with nighttime lows in the teens or low 20’s and daytime highs not even reaching 50 degrees like it was this past week! We even had some snow flurries in northern Alabama!

Then, another unseasonable warming trend comes in and its near 70 degrees, like predicted for the first week of February this year! Sunday, February 3 through Wednesday, February 6 are showing predicted highs nearing the mid-to-upper 60’s, with a possibility of it reaching 70 degrees by weeks end!

So always check last week’s weather and the upcoming weather…before you plan another, ” Late Winter Fishing Trip ” to any lake, throughout all of Alabama this month!

NOTE  – Although we feel pretty warm, when it’s close to 70 degrees, the bass we seek are still swimming around in their cold, underwater world, as they are always victims of the lake’s water temperatures, since they are cold blooded creatures!

Look for baitfish movement, monitor your water temperature gauge and you will find the most active bass (often feeding from mid morning to late evenings) usually in the lake’s warmest water!

Fishing very, slow with bottom bumping lures like jigging spoons, finesse worms (small plastics), lizards, crayfish imitations, beavers, jig combos, creature-type lures, swim baits and even slow moving lures like crank baits, lipless lures and suspending jerk baits, while utilizing a slow, stop-and-go retrieve, often mimics easy to catch, injured-looking meals!

When water temperatures are very cold, this very slow technique works best! Good Luck and be patient! Cabin fever? (Anglers keep in mind…March, is the pre spawn month, for Alabama’s Trophy Big Bass and it is not to far away!)

Thanks, Reed Montgomery – Also, be sure to check the, Winter Fishing Tips links and Fishing Articles on my website www.fishingalabama.com and like us on face book, Reeds Guide Service!


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