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No Pain No Gain

Reed Montgomery / No Pain No Gain

Reed Montgomery’s Pancreatic Cancer and Pancreatitis Update August of 2020

Pancreatic Cancer – This is a deadly disease and many people diagnosed in the stage three to four category (or even higher) usually do not survive. Even with today’s modern day medicine, expert diagnostics, highly acclaimed Doctors plus months of Chemotherapy, it has still claimed the lives of thousands of people world wide in the year 2020.

Pancreatitis – Found in the stomach digestive tract, can reveal some very serious medical problems (for those blessed enough to even survive), such as stones lodged in the Pancreas, gall bladder problems, liver damage, kidney problems and even heart problems. If ignored and not attended to fast, you can actually die from Pancreatitis.

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Another bout with my pancreas and stone Operation August 10 2020

But I have now survived both of these very terrible diseases! No, I’m not just plain lucky, but only blessed by the healing grace of God above and his earth bound angels consisting of highly acclaimed doctors, nurses and medical staff. It has been a long road to a somewhat healthy life and recovery.



Here is my story;

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Reed Montgomery Battles Life Threating Pancreas Stone

Very severe stomach pains were my first sign this time, as I knew I was for sure   knocking at death’s doorway once again. I really thought my time was up. The severe stomach pains were even worse this time than when I had endured the Pancreatic Cancer operation followed by Chemotherapy in 2015. I knew it was not cancer again but I needed to go to the Emergency room. At 4 a.m. Baptist Shelby on Sunday, August 9, 2020.

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This was the worst pain I have ever endured in my entire life and it took place nonstop from Friday, August 7 of 2020 until Monday morning of August 10. When I was then admitted to another Baptist Princeton hospital. I waited another 8 hours for an available room and was given morphine, and then an ambulance ride to Baptist Princeton hospital located in the west end section of Birmingham, Al.


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Before surgery this time; x rays and another CAT scan revealed a stone lodged near my Pancreas. Then another MRI followed by another CAT scan all within hours of each other (lots of radiation). My same doctor, Doctor Hewlett, that operated for over 8 hours with several incisions called a “whipple” operation, January 20 2015. Again operated on me but only for about an hour, this time no cuts on the stomach. By going down my throat into my stomach he searched my gall bladder area on into the Pancreas. Afterwards he told me the stone was gone! God had given me yet another of his life giving miracles! And thankfully once again I have cheated death out of claiming yet another life.

We are still paying on thousands of dollars of medical bills, some from the Pancreatic Cancer of five years ago when we had no insurance and more added bills this past week like $225 daily a room / co-pay. God has changed both of our lives and once again entered our hearts. I’m still here today and even have my gall bladder! In addition I was tested and found negative for Covid 19 and my wife Margie has started a public view gofundme page on my Reed Montgomery face book page and hers, Alabama Claws and Paws. Neither of us has worked since 2/2/20 due to Covid 19. Just glad to be alive and given another chance…


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