Lake Neely Henry Winter Fishing Tips

Neely Henry Lake Impounded 1966
North Alabama

Winter Fishing Lake Neely Henry

Like any Coosa River reservoir it can be difficult to narrow down the fishing to any specific area. On Neely Henry, low water (1-3 feet) and cold, winter days influence your predictions on where they should be. Currently down 1-2 feet for winter pool, means some bass are positioned in or near deep water.

However, “deep” on the Coosa River System, usually means exploring the depths of 5-15 feet. Bass are deeper at times, but rarely discovered in a feeding mood. Schools of bass grow in size (or numbers) with each passing week, during winter, on Neely Henry Lake.

Spotted bass and Largemouth bass usually travel in groups of the same weight class, but mixed bags can hold in the same areas as they follow (or await) the baitfish moving about the lake. Changing conditions shift baitfish about as they drift-or are blown over deep water structure.

From the upper river-type terrain to the lower lake, creek mouths are holding spots for sizable numbers of bass as they feed each day. All of these variables position bass on upper and lower points leading into these slack water areas.

They also hold along ledges and drop-offs, flats, over submerged bars and around submerged humps. Bass of both species can be found around areas where rock bluffs meet creek mouths and even on old roadbeds that span the mouths of many major feeder creeks on the lakes lower end. Exploring these low-water areas this winter, anglers will discover cover that bass relate to many unseen hideouts, places many other anglers overlook.

With some depth finder use, map study and marker buoys you can find (and mark) areas that are usually 3-5 feet deeper (at full pool) and oftentimes a honey hole for the remainder of the winter. Lures mentioned for Weiss Lake will also take bass in these deep water areas. Look for baitfish or feeding bass to assure active fish in these areas.

Upriver, about one mile above Gadsden City launch, is a warm water discharge. Check it out and the banks below it. River bends and creek mouths hold bass throughout the winter months in these river-type lake headwaters. Again, use caution when navigating this lake in winter during low pool.

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Be safe this winter season! Always wear your life jacket and outboard motor kill switch and always dress warm and bring along spare clothes!

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