Lake Pickwick Fall Fishing Tips

Pickwick Lake Impounded 1938
North Alabama

Fall Fishing Lake Pickwick

Not quite as intimidating as Wheeler Lake or massive Guntersville Lake, but with 47,500 acres of surface water, Pickwick Lake still has an abundance of fishing situations for the avid angler to explore this Fall. The Lakes headwaters, just below Wilson Lake dam, are recognized as some of the best smallmouth bass waters in the south.

Just like during spring these smallmouth’s (and largemouth’s) move shallow as the cooler days of Fall arrive. As September slowly comes to an end, the days get shorter and the nights get cooler. The water temperature drops and bass are triggered to begin their trek shallow, as they follow the baitfish and scrounge the lakes bottom for crayfish.

Moving shallow this fall, a lot of fish schools will herd the baitfish together and bust them on top, schooling on into December. This is an excellent time for topwater fishing for smallmouth, largemouth and an occasional spotted bass.

The lakes headwaters are also noted for its Fall schooling action, especially during October and November. Getting in on these surface explosions are some huge striped bass, hybred striped bass and the much smaller, but very aggressive white bass. At times there are literally all species of these fish congregated below Wilson Lake dam.

Although many anglers come from afar just to sample the fantastic Fall fishing at Pickwick Lake’s headwaters, many anglers venture downstream and find the creeks, pockets and main-lake waters just as productive. Pickwick Lake’s lower end has feeder creeks such as Second Creek, Mill Creek, Cane Creek, Indian Creek, Yellow Creek, Bear Creek and some smaller areas near the main Lake, such as Short Creek and Whetstone Branch.

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