Lake Wedowee’s Summer Bass

Before the weather gets hot the fishing gets really hot (like in August – September) on Alabama’s youngest, man made impoundment, Lake Wedowee! Impounded in 1983.

As the pleasant (and very comfortable) mid-to-upper 80 degree days of the spring season slowly dwindle away, anglers must prepare to adjust to the upcoming summertime weather — just like the bass they pursue — as they are constantly reminded by the ever-increasing air temperatures now in the nineties, it will soon be even hotter!

Prior to those inevitably long, hot, sweltering days of summer air temperatures can suddenly soar into the low 90’s (like right now), but even with rising air temperatures there is still hope for the daytime angler!

There is a early summer period roughly lasting from June right on into the latter portion of July, which in fishing terms is often labeled, “topwater time” or plainly put,
“ just some great times to expect some fantastic summertime topwater action! “

As owner of Reeds Guide Service, guiding on Lake Wedowee since it was first impounded in 1983, I really look forward to the days of summer.

Taking clients bass fishing on Lake Wedowee (for over 25 years now), has always called for being prepared beforehand. Which always includes pre-rigging several rods with various types of topwater lures.

Of course, some rods are always rigged with those other lure choices…if we need them!

I’ve had the pleasure of taking many anglers bass fishing on Lake Wedowee. Some that are lakeside residents. Over the past few years, the lake’s shoreline population has grown.

Many of these anglers (I take fishing on this lake year-round), are people from the nearby town of Wedowee, Al. Some are bass tournament anglers, that reside throughout Alabama, and many anglers come to this lake from surrounding states.

Then there are those anglers that are very serious about their bass fishing on this lake and believe me there have been many anglers that have actually come to this lake – some hailing from all over the United States — that travel many miles to this true, trophy bass lake with one thought in mind. Fooling that bass of a lifetime into biting.

Lake Wedowee (unknown to many people) is loaded with a lot of big, trophy-sized largemouth bass and it has a very healthy population of the Tallapoosa River breed of spotted bass as well.

There have been dozens of largemouth bass — some weighing in the pound range of ten to sixteen pounds — caught out of Lake Wedowee. One huge largemouth bass was found floating deceased. It weighed over 17 pounds!

That behemoth bass would have been a new state record largemouth bass, if some lucky angler had caught it. In addition to this lake harboring some big largemouth bass, Lake Wedowee has a very healthy population of another breed of bass.

The Tallapoosa River breed of spotted bass.

Its possible there is now a new world record spotted bass, swimming in Lake Wedowee. This breed of tackle-testing bass were here before the lake was ever impounded!

Anglers in search of that bass of a lifetime actually have a really good chance of completing this often “life long task” by just simply being on Lake Wedowee…anytime!

Next? Simple, just fish hard and have plenty of confidence. Like on any fishing trip !

Casting your favorite lures on any given fishing trip and being prepared for the big one, with stought equipment, sharp hooks, strong fishing line, a properly adjusted reel drag and a good landing net, always breeds success!

Always keep in mind when fishing Lake Wedowee…on any cast, you could be a hero!

In terms of fishing tackle, today’s many lure choices are phenomenal! Still, there are the basic topwater lures, etc. that can usually be found in most any avid anglers tackle box.

[Topwater lures] There are many. The choices can range from having several models of weedless lures such an imitation plastic frog or a rubber frog. Yes, bass do hit frog imitations on Lake Wedowee.

Or if simply covering water fast is your game plan then an angler may consider using a very weedless topwater lure like a buzz bait. Or of course my favorite, a walking type lure the Zara Spook topwater lure!

Fishing more of an open water situation may call for the use of those types of topwater lures that feature two to three, dangling treble hooks. Popping type topwater lures, prop-baits, chuggers, or any number of today’s lure choices in those walking-jerking type topwater lure category, leaves many choices to consider.

Schooling bass may appear at any time; while you are either fishing right on the main lake or they could erupt, exploding through the waters surface while you are fishing up in any of the lake’s major feeder creeks, small cuts, or pockets. And there are a lot of these kind of bass holding spots on Lake Wedowee to explore!

So during June, July, August and why…about any time, keep in mind. Always have a topwater lure (or several topwater lures) tied on a few rods, rigged and ready for these fast-surfacing bass. There’s no time for quickly rigging when they do suddenly appear!

For at times they only stay up feeding for a short period of time, only to be seen a hundred yards away afterwards! Just out of casting distance. By the time you tie on a topwater lure…they may have gone back down.

With practice, even these sometimes 2-3 hook topwater lures can be manipulated to maneuver them all in and around Lake Wedowee’s “bass holding” wood cover.

It does take practice to be perfect. Otherwise you will be hanging up (and inevitably losing some lures) in every tree, or shoreline cover, or any one of those thousand of stick ups found all about the lake!

Places these bass call home, like standing timber, brush piles, stick ups, laying trees, logs, stumps and even rock cover (As summer progresses some shoreline aquatic weeds will begin to appear lake wide) can be targeted all summer long and on into the fall season.

Still, having a tackle box jammed slap full of pretty lures, does not guarantee you will be putting bass in the boat on every trip to Lake Wedowee. There are some variables anglers should know that will always increase your chances of catching a bass!

Anglers should always consider the old adage of; how, what, when and where.

You have first got to know HOW to fish each lure. Then know WHAT lure to choose for each fishing situation. Then consider WHEN you should fish that lure. Lastly, learn the lake and know WHERE to fish each and every lure you own. That’s where I come in.

Keep in mind, during this post spawn period and all throughout the early summer season, Lake Wedowee’s largemouth bass and spotted bass will hit about any lure you have in your tackle box! Or you can always calling on Reeds Guide Service…first! And see how!

Consider calling on me (205) 663-1504 for a guided bass fishing trip to Lake Wedowee (or any Alabama lake, year round) for taking either one or two anglers. I have guided on this lake since it was first impounded and I know it very well.

Split the cost with a friend / Same rate for either one or two anglers. Or e-mail me at; All info can be seen at my website:

It is a learning experience no matter how avid an angler you are.

Besides fishing with various kinds of topwater lures, I teach anglers about the use of a variety of other types of bass fishing lures. Yes, I do fish them all…

Including tackle selection and the use of various types of fishing line and knots, choosing hooks, using various types of rods and reels, learning boat navigation, approaching fish-holding cover and how to fish it, map study and depth finder use.

In general, a whole lot about bass fishing mentioned all throughout our fun-filled fishing day on Lake Wedowee!

Or if it gets to hot for daytime fishing on Lake Wedowee this summer season, then you may consider taking a guided night fishing trip with Reeds Guide Service…first! (More on Night Fishing for Lake Wedowee’s bass next month!).

Give it a try! Night Fishing. It’s a whole different world…

Good Fishin’

Reed Montgomery

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