One Day Our Mother Died

One Day our Mother Died

And on that warm first day of summer,
Two daughters and two sons lost their mother
Struck with the pain of knowing there is no more

Josh's wedding

No more hugs, no more phone calls, just to chat
No more, “ hold on just one minute”
No more lucky moments to celebrate life itself together

No more just seeing our Mother in her easy chair
Watching her favorite T V shows

Sometimes what we care about the most in life
Just goes away, never to return, before we can say our last good bye
Or simply just say, ”I love you”
So all us should keep in mind; For both our Mothers and our Fathers

While we have her, its best we love her and take care of her
and fix whatever she’s broken and help heal her when she’s broken, and take care of her when she is sick or ailing, just like she did all of our lives
Our Mother, who was always there for all of us

Baby and Mom

Some things we keep in our hearts, always
Like a best friend that has moved away
or an old classmate we grew up with, one we may never see again

We keep them in our hearts and mind because we love them,
And we cherish every moment we had with them
Knowing they are worth every minute of our time.

There are some things in life that make us very sad and some things that make us happy

Happy, like knowing there is a God and now,
Knowing our Mother is resting at last, no longer in any pain
And knowing she is with all her old friends and family in heaven

Yes, our Mother is gone
But she will always be with us in spirit and always on our mind
And every bright, sunny day of summer
will always remind two daughters and two sons
How lucky they all were to have a Mother like ours

We Love You Mother
And will miss you always,
Love Jimmy, Patti, Charlotte and Reed Montgomery

Reed Montgomery

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