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Everything you need to know about – FISHING THE ZARA SUPER SPOOK
By Reed Montgomery

zara spook bass

For those of you that have not yet discovered this wondrous lure, a little introduction may be needed. Not a complete history of the lure, for by now most anglers have heard of the famous Zara Spook, now over 80 years old.

In the early 1900′s a man by the name of James Heddon created a lure, carved from the end of a broom stick…

James Heddon of the world famous Heddon Lure Company simply cut off the end of a wooden broom stick, attached two hooks and soon he discovered a unique way of enticing bass to strike, by walking the first Zara Spook in a back and forth manner when retrieved. The action was dubbed similar to the dance of a hula dancer then called, “zara hula girls.” Thus the name “Zara Spook” was born. Soon anglers discovered the most unique thing about this lure (besides its enticing dance), is the Zara Spook caught bass, Big Bass and lots of em’!

To this day (soon to be almost 100 years later), the world renouned Zara Spook still fools Big Bass nationwide. It continues to attract strikes from other species of both freshwater and saltwater fish from all around the globe. But no matter where and angler attempts to fool both big and small fish with the Zara Spook, that angler first has to master the many ways of fishing the Zara Spook. This is only accomplished by those adept anglers that have mastered the zara spook, those have complete confidance in the lure and by those anglers that have discovered the sheer joy of enticing a Big Bass to strike a topwater lure. Bass that often ignore other lures.

Zara Spooks currently come in five different sizes. There is a certain size Zara Spook for each and every fishing situation. Anglers that are really intent on learning the Big Bass charecteristics of each Zara Spook owe it to themselves to master each and every model. This is essential to really understand each lures distinct differance. Zara Spooks have recently been re-created and re-introduced to the fishing public.

There are Zara Spook models for every body of water an angler fishes. They come in sizes from very small two hook models (The Zara Pup), to medium size two hook models (The Zara Pooch), to average size Zara Spooks (The Original Zara Spook) and now, an even bigger Zara Spook. The largest size Zara Spook is even bigger and better. This is the three hook model, Jimmy Housten signature series Zara Spook, equipped with loud rattles (The Zara Super Spook) and it features a much thicker plastic body than Zara Spooks of the past. I guess you could say, “the extra large version”. There is even a scaled down two hook version, with rattles, of the Zara Super Spook. It is dubbed (The Zara Super Spook Jr.)

Keep in mind no matter what size zara spook you fish that all sizes of Zara Spooks, catch all sizes of bass. I have taken bass over 5 pounds on the smallest version and fooled some very small bass (some bass about as big as the lure itself) on the biggest model Zara Super Spook. Naturally, the smaller version spooks will attract strikes from lots of smaller bass. These smaller bass will attack this smaller version Zara Spook because it is an enticing, topwater lure. But only when an angler has mastered the walk that entices the bass to strike. These smaller version Zara Spooks (The Zara Pup or Zara Pooch) are especially productive when conditions are tough, such as during very clear water situations or when fishing in a small lake, pond, stream or creek, places that are generally known for lots of keeper-sized bass.

By now most anglers have learned the aspects of catching smaller bass and many bass can still be fooled today fishing with an array of other lures. Lures that are much easier to fish than the effort needed (or desire) to walk-the-dog with a Zara Spook. Today’s lure favorites (among most anglers), such as worms, jigs, tube baits, finesse type lures, crankbaits, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and the many other thousands of fake offerings on the market, are among the many lure types that keep most anglers from experimenting with Zara Spooks.

Always keep in mind, these walking type lures are the hardest to master over all other lures. But once you master each and every zara spook the rewards are not to be compared – unless its with the results of fishing with another topwater lure. There is nothing like seeing a Big Bass blast a topwater lure. There are many other similar walking type lures available on the market today. Some of these topwater lures can be fished with as many strikes as fishing the Zara Spook. But there is only one Zara Super Spook. From small Zara Spooks to the average size Zara Spooks the Zara Pup, the Zara Pooch, the original Zara Spook and the Super Spook Jr. all fool today’s lure concience bass. There are times when any of these four smaller versions can fool some really, Big trophy-sized bass.

For now, just for these Zara Spook fishing tips, we are talking about mastering the many ways of fishing, “the Zara Super Spook” while fishing this fabulous lure year-round (even during winter), in and around various types of cover under a variety of conditions. The following aspects of fishing the Zara Super Spook will be covered:

#1. The Lure-Color lure choice, rigging the Zara Super Spook, replacing original hooks and selecting a Zara Super Spook.

#2. The Line-Monofilament or one of the new braided lines on the market today? – Choosing different pound test and why. There’s only one knot.

#3. The Reel-Choosing certain makes and models for different situations. – Reel modifications, easily made by the angler.

#4. The Rod-Length, rod qualities and the perfect spook rod.

#5. Fishing the Zara Super Spook around various types of wood cover, rocks, rock bluffs, boulders and man made rip-rap rocks, the many types of aquatic weeds and other types of cover.

#6. Seasons-Spring, Summer, Fall and yes, Winter. – Tips other anglers do not know.

#7. Retrieves-Slow to fast. – For times when bass want it that way.

#8. Blow ups and missed strikes – Making em’ come back for more.

#9. More tricks of the trade and psyching out the competition. – Professional secrets revealed.

#10. A Never give up attitude – Its worth a 100 or more cast’s to see one Spook blow-up.

* These Zara Spook Fishing Tips and Techniques and
everything you need to know about fishing the Zara Spook
are provided By Reed Montgomery

Fishing the Zara Spook has been written about countless times. Most anglers have read, or seen the Television hosts and touring bass professionals catch bass of all species on this age old topwater lure. But as with any lure, taking the advice of an expert that has fished one particular lure for over 20 years, will increase your Bassin’ knowledge and it will prove to be a shortcut towards your angling goal. Catching Big Bass! So here’s a little about Reed Montgomery…the Spook Man

About The Author
* How can years and years of dedicating yourself to one particular lure show an angler a way to reap the rewards of success? Read about Reed to see!

Reed Montgomery has made a living fishing with this lure with countless 1st Place wins in major bass tournaments held throughout Alabama. He has recieved dozens of Big Bass awards and has won thousands of dollars in the past 20 years due in part to the Zara Spook. Many clients, that have fished with Reeds Guide Service all throughout his 30 plus years of guiding for bass and stripers throughout Alabama, have discovered a shortcut to increasing their topwater knowledge when fishing a day with Reed Montgomery. He is an expert in every aspect, when it comes to rigging, casting, choosing lure styles and colors for different fishing situations and choosing the correct outfit, hooks, and monofilament to tailor each spooking situation, year-round.

In June, 1991 Reed Montgomery made the B.A.S.S. Federation 12 man State team, after out fishing over 200 other anglers in the B.A.S.S. Demopolis, Alabama State Team 2-day Regionals, taking fourth place overall. The B.A.S.S. 12 man Federation State team, then went to Kentucky Lake, Tennessee and this 12 man team from Alabama won the overall B.A.S.S. Federation Divisional competition. This Alabama Federation 12 Man State Team, beat out other qualifying state teams from all over the United States. This win could not have been accomplished had Reed not contributed his share by fishing the Zara Spook.

From there on Reed honed his topwater skills with this unique topwater offering. Noted Television host and taxidermist out of Birmingham, Alabama, Archie Phillips of “Archie Phillips Outdoors” (after filming a Television show on Alabama’s Lay Lake with Reed), noted that Reed’s dad was also known for his expertise when fishing this then not-so-popular lure of the 50′s. After that days filming on Alabama’s Lay Lake, Archie was amazed. Archie Phillips noted that Reed was a master expert at fishing this lure. He exclaimed, he had never seen any one angler perform so well with this topwater lure. With several largemouth’s and some huge Lay Lake Spotted bass taken on the Super Spook on that hot summer day its understandable why he felt this way. All of the dozen or so bass that were fooled that day mostly weighed from 3-6 pounds and most of the really big bass were caught on the Zara Super Spook. Its understandable why they call him, “The Spook Man”.

From then on it was spook fishing on every outing, guide trip and major tournament that came Reed’s way. Reed Montgomery won major local tournaments in Alabama in those recent years. Mark’s Outdoors Sports holds a major annual bass tournament labled, “The Lay Lake Tournament” held on Alabama’s Lay Lake each spring season. Reed took first place, Big bass honors and man and woman catagory, all out of 500 anglers. But only with a little help from the Zara Spook, including a 6 1/2 pound largemouth.

In The March of Dimes annual bass tournament held each spring on Lay Lake Reed took first place during the early 1990′s, with 5 bass limit weighing in at over 22 pounds (with two anglers taking second place with 18 pounds). In that major bass tournament Reed received Big Bass honors as well. All accomplished while fishing all alone in a buddy tournament, besting over 500 anglers. Again with his trusty, Zara Spook.

The list goes on. Reed won the 1st Annual Zamora Shriners bass tournament held on Alabama’s Lay Lake in the spring of 1991. Besting over 500 anglers in all fields, he took first place with a then 10 bass limit weighing 35 pounds, while placing first in the mixed couples catagory, and then also winning Big Bass of the tournament with a 6 pound plus largemouth (fooled on the Zara Spook), all while fishing with the Zara Spook of course.

This was just in the early 1990′s. Later during the mid to latter part of the 1990′s, Reeds bass tournament accomplishments got even better, showing Reed taking “Angler of The Year” in a then new Bass Solo Tournament trail debuting its first year in Alabama. Oddly named, “the Bassbum Solo Tournament Trail” it drew competitors from all over Alabama and surrounding states. Beating this bunch of very accomplished anglers was feat in itself and Reed did it with honor many times. He also won dozens of Solo Trail tournaments in the late 1990′s and Reed claimed Big Bass honors in many of these one-on-one major competition fishing events. In 1998 while fishing all alone Reed won six major bass tournaments held throughout Alabama. He took an unbelieveable Big Bass Honors – 16 times that year. Reed also took second place in the Bassbum Solo Trail end-of-the year 2-Day Championship Finale held on Alabama’s Lay Lake in 1998.

Reed was also 1 st Place Champion in the year 1998 fishing another Alabama Solo Tournament Trail 2-day Classic, labled C.A.S.T. Central Alabama Solo Trail. Reed led this 2 Day Solo Trail Tournament Championship (besting Alabama’s top bass anglers) both days and he took big bass honors on the first day, with another 6 pound largemouth fooled on his favorite lure, the Zara Spook. This C.A.S.T. Solo Trail Championship was held on Alabama’s Weiss Lake in October of 1998. Reed also caught, “Big Bass of The Year”, in Poorhouse Branch Marina’s, “Logan Martin Lake Big Bass of The Year Contest” held in 1998…of course that huge bass was caught on the Zara Spook.

1999 showed continued success fishing with the famed topwater lure Reed had polished to perfection, while fishing in all seasons. A then record 5 largemouth bass limit weight of 21 1/2 pounds in Bassbum’s second season Solo Trail. Another record 5 spotted bass weight of 21 1/2 pounds in Poorhouse Branch Marina’s Logan Martin Lake trail. Reed also won 4 tournaments and claimed Big Bass 7 times for the 1999 season, most of which came on the zara spook.

The year 2000 it got even better. “Angler of The Year” for the second time in Bassbum’s Solo Trail history. After placing second in the 1999 Two Day Championship Bassbum Solo trail Tournament, Reed vowed to win the next years Solo Trail Season Championship Finale and he did. Reed won the Bassbum end of the year 2-day Season Championship finale held Oct 21-22 of the year 2000 on Alabama’s Logan Martin Lake. He had just won and got big bass, at Guntersville Lake in Bassbum’s Northern Division Trail, which was the last tournament of that division. Before that, Reed won the last tournament of the season in the Bassbum Logan Martin Central Division Tournament again getting big bass honers as well as first place among over 100 anglers. All contributed to a majority of his catch, being caught on the Zara Spook.

In all Reed placed won six major bass solo trail tournaments in the year 2000. Reed got BIG bass awards eight times in the year 2000, he also placed second five times that year…all with the help of his trusty Zara Spook. In November-December of 2000 on Alabama’s Lay Lake Reed set a record yearly catch of 5 bass weighing 30 pounds, all caught in low 50 degree water during winter unbelievably on that Zara Spook. Included were 10 other big bass that day, all 15 bass taken on that cold early winter day were fooled on that zara spook. Together those 15 bass were weighed in at Paradise Point Marina on Alabama’s Lay Lake (site of several past Bassmasters Classics) and thier combined weight totaled well over 50 pounds. Need we say more?

Briefly we will. “Angler of the Year” again in 2001, Placing in the top ten in 28 consecutive bass tournaments in 2001, First Place honors in six statewide bass tournaments in 2001, Second Place four times and Big bass awards seven times just in the year 2001. The list of victories and Big Bass awards goes on and on.

Today (although Reed is much older), Reed Montgomery continues to reap the rewards of fishing bass tournaments with his trusty Zara Super Spook. In 2005 On Alabama’s Senior 50 Buddy Tournament Trail Reed fished alone and won three bass tournaments in row on Alabama’s Jordan Lake, Mitchell Lake and The Alabama River Impoundment near Montgomery, Alabama known as Jones Bluff Lake. This included taking Big Bass honors in two out of those three bass tournaments all featuring some of Alabama’s best anglers to date.

So what would you charge to give away all you secrets of years of fishing a lure that has helped you accomplish so many fishing awards?

The Cost? $5.00 (Five) U.S. Bucks. The same price as a hamburger, fries and a drink, or a couple of packs of cigarettes, or a 12 pack of soft drinks, a six pack of beer, a couple of bags of worms or nowadays one fishing lure. All of these items go for about the same price as these Zara Spook fishing tips. These are products of which most anglers go through and later have nothing to show for their hard earned $5.00. Invest in these zara spook fishing tips and you will have something to show for your invested $5.00 for years to come. “Spooking Expertise” they call it.

Due to the cost of printing paper, ink, etc., we must charge for these expertise tips on fishing this famed Big Bass Lure…The Zara Super Spook. But believe me its worth it. You’ll see immediate success when you follow Reed’s instructions on everything from rigging to fishing this magical Big Bass lure.

Split the cost with a friend (that is if you want to share these unknown secrets) Or keep it all to yourself, as you reap the rewards of fishing the Zara Spook. It’s money well spent. Go to Reeds Website; and E-mail him for more info. Or call Reeds Guide Service (205) 663-1504 and book a trip to fish any lake in Alabama, not matter what the season, and soon you will see how Reed fools big bass on the Zara Super Spook.

You’ll see why they call him The Spook Man…

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Good Fishin’

Reed Montgomery

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