The Day My Best Friend Died Written By Reed Montgomery

Here is Muttley when he was one year old on April 23 of 2005! Twelve years ago to date, of his passing on Sunday, April 23 of 2017!

The Day My Best Friend Died

Written By Reed Montgomery

Something deep inside all of us is hidden until a tragedy causes it to emerge. It is the love we have that instantly emerges revealing every cherished moment we have spent with our best friend. As each tear drops from our saddened eyes, we ponder over all the good times we had, bringing even more tears of sadness. But there are tears of joy as well. Knowing our best friend is now peacefully at rest. And now, he is suffering no more as his last dying days were inevitably spent in some degree of pain, have finally come to an end.

Muttley in his new home!

This is the story of my best friend, Muttley. The best dog a man could ever ask for. A true life long companion, a best friend from the day we met, a best friend that was always there by my side, no matter what each day brought to the both of us. A friend for life, that is until his life was suddenly cut short, long before mine, although mine seemed to come to an abrupt end as well, when I got the news of his dying this morning.

This was a very content and loyal dog to both my wife and I.  There was not a day that went by that we did not connect and Muttley was always a  happy dog. That is, as long as he was there by my side Muttley was happy. Yes, officially Muttley was my dog. And he always showed it with a huge smile and a constant wagging of his tail every time I saw him. From the very first day I took Muttley into my life many years ago, it was evident we were both content as long as we were together. Now, that’s all gone and so is my best friend, Muttley.

Muttley at seven years old!

But the memories will always be there. Nothing can erase all the good times we had together. Believe me, its not easy to lose someone you love and care for so much. Its so hard to sit down and write about all the many wonderful years we were fortunate enough to get to spend together. (Boy, how many tears can our eyes produce). But not without my tears first soiling the paper I’m now writing on.

So why, you may ask, do I even bother?

For one reason and maybe for this one reason only, to just to prepare others with an inevitable outcome in life. Which ironically, is death. So be prepared. Its going to happen to us all. We are going to lose our pets and our relatives and our best friends, and many friends we did not know as well. Including losing close relatives, and all the others that we love so dearly.

Muttley seven years old and getting some gray in his beard!

Yes, they are our pets, but they are so much more than that. It’s a very sad feeling when you do lose them, a feeling that is totally indescribable. But it will be very evident, especially by those that know us well, that will only become evident, when our sadness shows and our many tears are shed, after they have parted from us.

And now it  hits us hard after we realize they are now gone forever and we will never see them again, at least not on this earth. Only will we be we be reunited once again, when heaven’s gates open up, to welcome us up above.

Muttley now ten years old!

Death. We all see it almost daily, or at least every week, as a constant reminder that for all of us, our days are numbered. And as for our pets, whether its dogs, cats or even a pet lizard, snake or rat, their days spent living in the presence  of our caring company, sadly are numbered, much less than ours. Much, much less.

Twenty years is a given number. Some pets live longer, some don’t. But usually if they are fortunate enough to live that long, its usually going to be difficult and rarely comes without some kind of constant pain during their last dying days.

Muttley taking his midday nap!

So just be prepared. That’s all you can do. Love them, care for them, even during their last dying days and when that time does come, you will feel somewhat better. Just knowing you did all that you could, right up to his last dying day. And we both know we did the best we could.

Margie and Muttley!

My loving wife Margie that cleaned up after him and took real good care of Muttley even when I was not around. We both know we took good care of Muttley the best we could feeding him by hand, nurturing him, giving him hourly drinks of water and even some chicken broth to help his aching body re nourish itself. Even when it looked like there was no hope and Muttley could no longer even get up and walk and do so all on his own, we were still there 24 hours and  praying that he would get better.

Sure, we both lost a lot of sleep, taking hourly shifts checking on him as each day and night slowly lingered on. But deep down we also knew it was inevitable, that we were spending our last days with the most wonderful dog you have ever seen. Before we had to send him to the vet, for his last chance at life and professional care.

Muttley at ten years old

So we said our last good byes, knowing deep down it was going to be our last time we saw Muttley alive. It was on a weekend and we got word of his passing on Sunday morning. But our very caring and loving vet assured us, Muttley had suffered no more. For even after they administered almost two liters of water, he lay almost in an unconscious state of mind and body and Muttley left us all in a quick, peaceful death on this very memorable morning on Sunday, April 23 of 2017.

Muttley and his cat friend Moo and Reed, all taking it easy on the couch!

A day neither of us will ever forget and a date etched in our minds, that we will be reminded of with each passing year, as we think back on the day we both lost the best friend we could both could ever have asked for.

Oh, and its not the first or the last time my wife and I have been submitted to losing someone we love so dearly. The good lord Jesus Christ has seen it was time before,  when we both lost both of our other best friends, our parents.

Muttley in April 2015 as his age is evident at 10 years old, but still going strong!

But this is not only about losing our parents or even losing our pets. For me I’ve seen constant death in only the past few years, even dodging death many times myself as well, including my having pancreatic cancer last year. That I thankfully know, many do not live to tell about. Cancer. I hate that word and it’s a terrible disease that often comes in many forms. Striking us all down with no mercy each time, we get cancer or we lose and grieve for our friends, loved ones and our pets, all suddenly taken away from us.

Eggroll, Muttley's Siamese cat friend and Moo!

It took my wife’s Mother and her brother. It took my Father as well and has taken many of our friends as well. Including aunts, uncles, cousins and others very close to us all. Now, its taken my best friend. My dog Muttley, and twelve wonderful years that we got to spend together, are now gone as well.

Like an unwelcome reminder of each of our own personal past, cancer has suddenly taking yet another soul we love so dearly. If not before now, we now know for sure, the pain and suffering of many others we have seen lose someone they love so dearly.

Another good friend of Muttley's is Spooky a wonderful cat!

We have seen a close neighbor lose her dog of many trusty years, my own sister lost her dog she loved and cared for and had for so many years. One of our best friends lost her cat that was almost twenty years old. And many, many others, including both of us that have many friends that we have sadly seen lose their cats and dogs as well. A sadness that can only be felt when it happens to you personally.

Muttley's cat friend Lucy (alias Scardy Cat!)

Still, now we both know that we can be comforted somewhat, even during these times of this untimely death, of one pet or person we loved so much. Knowing our best friend is now up in heaven spending eternity with those others, that had the pleasure of knowing him. People like my Mother that passed on before him. Loving souls that will welcome Muttley with open arms as the pearly gates of heaven up above open up, yet to receive another wonderful and very loving soul.

Muttley and Moo watching some TV!

Muttley will now suffer no more. His pain has come to an end and he will live through an eternity, no longer in any kind of pain. Suffering no more and now, he will once again be in some very pleasant company, with someone he once loved, and some one that loved him back as well, as he anxiously awaits our being reunited once again. Waiting with a big smile and wagging tail, on us to arrive up in Heaven. As once again we are going  to be together. But this time it will be forever.

Muttley's cat friends Tiger and Moo just chilling!

Some day soon my best friend, we will be together once again

Never to part, cry or see sorrow again,

reunited together in the heaven’s up above,

forever until the end…

Good bye, my old friend, but its just for now, Muttley.

Muttley at twelve years old and getting more gray!

We love you dearly and miss you very much and may you now rest in peace and solitude. Giving comfort to some loving soul, maybe someone that has not had the extreme pleasure of having been your best friend. Like we have.

Its true you don’t pick your best friends, they pick you. And I’m glad you chose us!

With Love Muttley, from both of your parents, Reed and Margie Montgomery

Muttley, a day on the lake!

Muttley during his last days with us in 2017

Just a few days before Muttley passed on, this picture was taken on our last walk together

Muttley, may you rest in peace and your memories live on with us forever!

Reed Montgomery

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