Reed Montgomery’s 17th Annual Kids Fishing Show Saturday, January 20 of 2018

Grand Prize Winner!

Reed Montgomery’s 17th Annual Kids

Grand Prize Winner!

Fishing Show Saturday, January 20 2018

Reed Montgomery’s 17th Annual Kids Fishing Show was another huge success and there was (once again as in previous years), standing room only. As dozens of kids and their parents, or relatives and close friends, all anxiously attended this 17th annual winter time gathering.

It was held on Saturday, January 20 of the New Year in 2018! Held as usual, at the now very popular during the week of January 18-21 at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center / 47th Annual Birmingham Boat Show. That will once again return in 2019! With more boats of all kinds, marine dealers, the trout fishing tank, and fishing related vendors!

Grand Prize!

Every year now, for over 17 years, my wife (Margie) and I, have had the pleasure of gathering together prizes of all kinds ranging from donated items such fishing rods, reels, fishing tackle, t-shirts, hats, school supplies, coloring books, decals, stickers, key rings and larger items such as wake boards, skies, dock ladders, tackle boxes, big inner tubes and even custom made fishing rods and reels as well!

Still, we both bide our time doing this with pleasure and we always do so with one goal in our minds. That is, for every kid that attends this Annual Kids Show and that hopefully he or she, will go home with some free, donated prize!

Reed and Margie

And we can both honestly say; ” Yes! For over 17 years we have not had, no not one disappointed kid, ever leave the show! Not without a grand draw prize (for some lucky kid), or at least a bag full of free, donated prizes for all kids! ”

Just to see their cute, little smiling faces each year as we line them up in front of the stage and hand out their prize bags, jammed full of prizes…its good to see all of them walk away smiling as well!

So our thanks once again go out to the real hero’s here. The future of both boating and fishing. Our children. “Take a kid boating and/or fishing! It’s an experience they will always remember and another, “easy to attain” very close bond with them, from the ones that care for them and love them! You!

Reed & Kenny and Marilyn's kids in Jan 2018!

Thanks, to all that attended this years Kids Show and I hope you enjoy these pictures of our 2018 Kids Show grand prize winner and many other kids. Some (as you can see from previous pictures of years ago), like Kenny Knowles and his wonderful wife Marilyn (thanks for taking these pictures and your help every year!), and their four wonderful kids, we have all watched grow up as the years quickly pass by…

Reed Montgomery

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