Lay Lake

Impounded 1914
Lake Level: Full Pool
Water Temperature: Upper 80′s to low 90′s
Water Clarity – Clear (Some feeder creeks may have a light stain from today’s rain
and thundershowers)
Air Temperatures this weekend – Upper 90′s! Hot! / Saturday and Sunday high near 97
degrees – low 71 degrees, with some clouds


For those of you (if it was posted), that got this report by Friday night, today you
saw a very big change in the weather. Which displayed some very heavy thunderstorms,
lightening and a few inches of some very needed rain, which covered the entire
northern portion to middle portion of Alabama (all the way down to Lay lake), taking
place from mid-morning to the later-evening portion of Friday.

Just during these few hours or more of this constant heavy rain, the very needed
downpours was 1-2 inches in some places, that quickly lowered the air temperatures,
from a stifling and very muggy morning in the low-90′s to the upper-70′s in some

Along with some very needed rain (and an all day cloud cover), that I’m sure the
bass of Lay lake went absolutely crazy over for about a few hours of the day, these
were ideal conditions, especially after following Wednesday’s full moon just 3 days
ago. That, as usual when coupled with ideal weather conditions, would really turn on
the spotted bass and largemouth bass of Lay lake. Both species found lake wide on a
mid-June summer day, perhaps all day!

Man! Wish I could have been there…But, I was not.

But, I was on Lay lake yesterday! Fishing under the same conditions that most
anglers will encounter — whether they are of the novice type or a tournament
angler— on either Saturday or Sunday of this upcoming weekend, which is expected
to be in the mid-to-upper 90′s and hot!

So, if you had the fortune to be on Lay lake Friday and located some good areas that
held some nice big bass on a very cloudy, rainy day (one we have not seen in weeks),
then you can expect them to be there when you return either Saturday morning or
Sunday morning, if you fid not stick to many in one spot.

But, it will be short lived, so plan on being on your very best stop and plan on
fishing it “very hard” with a variety of lures, instead of not running all over the
lake at this very important time of the day. That is if you expect any constant
degree of success, before the sun comes out and by midday it is close to 95 degrees
or higher!

Topwater lures fished in and around Lay lake’s very grassy waters proved to be the
lures of choice as I took fishing a very nice, middle aged man, that goes by the
name of Gary. He actually lives on Lay lake (lucky man), and I picked him up at his
place at dawn, after me launching at Beeswax creek around 4:30 a.m.

On this day a deep, weedy bank only one mile from Gary’s place at mid lake, situated
just above the “Narrows” was a spot he fished all the time, a place that he had led
me to. Gary had asked me if I could just show him a few places close to his pier and
boat house and how to fish this one particular bank in the correct manner.

A bank loaded with cover, that he always had trouble catching some of those bigger,
spotted bass or largemouth bass that I write about! Boy, was I on the spot…in more
ways than one! Unknown to Gary, this was a bank I had fished dozens of times, in all
seasons, within my 40 plus years of fishing Lay lake.

It featured several small, weedy pockets. Stumps, brush and standing timber, and
every point leading into each small cut or pocket featured a rocky bluff or the
point had rocks or boulders nearby! All with 20-40 feet of deep, clear, main lake
water nearby. It is a perfect area of the lake, especially during a very expected
hot, summer day, to fish. For maybe to connect with a big spotted bass, or if your
lucky bag a big largemouth bass to go with it, and we did!

When I picked Gary up I noticed two rods (all he had brought) were both rigged, with
worms. Both were open-faced, red-bodied, old model ABU Garcia 5000 reels, rigged
with 6 inch worms. Both worms with a curly, U-shaped tail. One was watermelon with
black flake and a red tail, the other worm was a solid black color.

I asked Gary are these Texas rigged worms what he usually fishes on this bank. He
said ” No, not usually, all the time”!

So, since I knew he fished with open-faced ABU Garcia reels, I pulled out a few
pre-rigged rods, each with an ABU Garcia 5500 reel, loaded with 15-20 pound test
Trilene Big Game green monofilament line. I then asked Gary if would like to use one
of these outfits, to perhaps, (if we could get the good topwater, big bass bites,
before the sun got high!) show him some lures and techniques that will work here all
summer long. Some he would never have dreamed of using. Why? Because all he fished
was a worm!

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with fishing with a Texas rigged worm,
especially during the summer months (a lure actually good for all seasons), I just
wanted to open his eyes to a few other lures to help him maybe in the future change
his worming tactics to some “big bass tactics” using other lures. Like said, “some
lures he had never even used or seen before”, that really did open his eyes! Like
the first one we choose to fish, the zara super spook, a big, three hook topwater
lure about 5 inches long.

” Man, is that a saltwater lure? ” Gary said, as I handed him the short, pistol-grip
rod, pre-rigged with the spook. “Actually it is!” I then told him.

It was a saltwater version, gray in color with a black back and a blue stripe down
its side, with a white belly. One of several dozen, both freshwater and saltwater
spooks, that I own. It came equipped with three # 2 size very sharp Gamakatsu treble
hooks. So the first thing I told Gary (an angler that is for sure an inexperienced
angler when it comes to fishing with a zara super spook) to be very careful, this is
a very dangerous lure, one featuring 9 very sharp treble hooks, and especially don’t
hit me with it!

His first bass, was a nice spotted bass of about 3 pounds, that blasted the spook
after Gary throwing it in the same spot about a dozen times! A timber-filled rocky
point along a long, rock bluff. It was among 6 spotted bass he caught in the first
hour of the day on the spook, then the sun began to rise and we came up on a 100
yard stretch of a very weedy bank. “Try this one” I told him handing him another
rod already rigged with a Mann’s black Super Frog and told him to fish it in short
hops, right up in the weeds.

Unbelievably on his first cast a huge bass exploded on the frog. But Gary was too
early/late setting the hook prematurely missing the obvious big bass. About 100
casts later another big bass engulfed the frog, as it cleared a weedy point. Gary
waited, then set the hook into a nice three pound largemouth bass. Great!

So our day went. Those were our biggest bass with us quitting about 1 p.m. heading
home with the air conditioning in mind, with the hot sun now beating down on us,
with it in the mid-90′s, with no clouds in sight and not a bite in an hour. Still,
Gary said he learned a whole lot!

I had showed him other lures like a suspending jerk bait, fished with a short
erratic retrieve, that had successfully fooled a few spotted bass. The same with
shallow to deep diving No. 5 shad colored Shad Rap crankbaits and one bass he caught
on a spinnerbait. Along with a half dozen places and lures he learned about to

I think he was very satisfied with his day fishing with Reeds Guide Service.

I have guided on Lay lake and other Alabama lakes for over 40 years. ” Always call
on Reeds Guide Service…first! Alabama’s oldest, professional guide service for
over 40 years.” Summertime discounts available! Half day 4 hour trips, full day 8
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Call Reeds Guide Service (205) 663-1504 or E-mail me to reserve
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Thanks and Good Fishin’!

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