Stripers On The Fly At Logan Martin

Impounded 1964
Lake level / Down 1 1/2 feet
Water Clarity / Clear
Water Temperature / 88 Degrees
Air Temperature / Low 75 High 97


Striper on a fly

Friday, as the actual Labor Day weekend got underway, we were fishing Logan Martin Lake, on what was predicted to be a hot, late-summer day in the mid-to-upper 90′s.

It was!

With no clouds, bright bluebird conditions, and water temperatures close to 90 degrees, I knew we had our work cut out for us…as far as even first enticing, and then catching, about any bass that saw our little lures that day. And we did! All three bass species! Spotted bass, largemouth bass and some big, striped bass were fooled on that hot and somewhat miserable day, especially for the type of fishing employed by a very astute angler, one that knew how to expertly fish with a fly rod!

Two anglers, one named Shane from nearby Birmingham and a friend of his named Tim visiting here from Tennessee, were planning a trip to see the band “Alabama” play here this weekend. They wanted to get in some fishing beforehand so I suggested Logan Martin Lake, especially when he mentioned fishing with both conventional tackle for Tim and the use of a fly rod Shane very expertly used, to try and fool some big striped bass! And he did!

Although the visiting angler Tim and myself both fished with a variety of topwater lures and we tried other lures as well, successfully fooling enough bass of all species to keep him happy, this “fly guy” outfished us both! From the back of the boat!

Very evident, by the picture accompanied with this report, or it and other pictures taken that day, can be seen with this Logan Martin Lake report on my website (just in case the website you view does not post pictures with reports), along with new pictures at my website “pictures” link, of many dozens of recent fishing trips taken with Reeds Guide Service throughout all of Alabama, this summer season.

Shane used that fly rod like it had been attached to his arm all his life. This middle aged angler and his friend were both a real pleasure to spend that day with and I could not have hand-picked any better company to spend a day fishing with. But the real bonus I got (besides the pleasure of their company), was watching Shane use that fly rod, placing a long, white streamer fly (one with white hair, about 4 inches long), anywhere he targeted his cast, often as much as fifty feet away!

The lure just flowed with fish-enticing action when he retrieved it, very visible in the somewhat clear water, utilizing short jerks of the fly line to employ its swimming motion.

It was s fun-filled day, starting off with a nice 3 pound spotted bass, several smaller “spots”, and 3 nice largemouth bass, some fooled while these anglers were fishing around what weeds were still left in the water, with the lake down 1 1/2 feet. These largemouth bass were caught on Zoom’s bubblegum-colored trick worms fished weightless, of which these unique worms…they had not seen before!

But as usual “big bass” can really be what makes your day! The real bonus on that hot, muggy morning was the striped bass they caught, some 3-4 pounders caught on topwater lures, and the fly rod, and a few much bigger ones (including one that escaped Tim’s capture coming off the hook right at the boat, looking to be about 20 pounds!) and there was one big, striped bass in particular. A monster fish caught on that fly rod, that weighed almost 20 pounds…we successfully landed after a very lengthy battle!

When Shane hooked into that huge, striped bass the boat rocked, and the explosion the striper made was a “real topwater explosion”, with the lure real close to the water’s surface when the beast hit. The bright green fly line just stripped off the fly reel (akin to watching some deep sea movie), with Shane using his hand to create drag on the bright gold fly reel, a reel with no built-in drag system.

I hit the trolling motor on high and we had to follow the big striper for about 50 yards, for it was very strong and Shane was losing line fast, as I watched the middle of the reel’s golden spool become more and more visible in the bright morning sun, hoping the hook and the line would hold! Then, it got hung in a submerged tree!

Shane reeled quickly, taking up all of the slack in the line, then he tightened down on the reel and put some pressure on the entangled fish. Then luckily, the striper just took off again leaving the tree, and again making another hard run, heading out to deeper water. Finally at last, he wore the fish down. We netted it and as it then laid in the bottom of the boat, all three of us just looked on in amazement. Shane, then out of breath, exclaims, “that’s the biggest striped bass I’ve even caught!”

It was mid morning, we were all hot and soaked in sweat so we just took a short break, took some pictures, let the big fish go, and had a snack and a cold drink taking in our day. A hot day fishing for bass on Logan Martin Lake. But who feels the heat when your catching fish!

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